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“One who owns the language, owns the narrative”

– Ijeoma Umebinyou

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We are mainly focused on telling stories from Africans through visual art. Several stories are told about Africa and none of the people telling them are African . Mavara is an opportunity for Africans to redefine ourselves and tell our own stories, own our narrative.


Who We Are

MAVARA which means “shades” in Shona is the place to take a deep dive into the world of all African cultures, be exposed to its creatives. We unite one continent, without our boaders we are one! different shades I love it

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Our History

We would have done our ancestors a great injustice if we call ourselves anything but great. So much of our rich history was lost during colonisation. Great states like Benin almost had their existence destroyed. We preserve them here.

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Our Pride

Africans telling their own stories. If it’s not from us, it’s probably not true. We seek to showcase talent from accross Africa and truly give our visitors the best African Experience the internet has.

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