About Us

MAVARA is a hub for African art, history and cultures from across the continent. You will soon find all you need to know about each African state and those before them. We are young Africans committed to retelling our past, to shape our future.


MAVARA which means shades in the Shona language will help you appreciate the similarities and differences in our vast African cultures and take a shift from the single story most people of the world have heard about our beautiful continent.

Very few know much about Africa nor the civilization that was already taking place before colonisation as most of our artifacts and history got destroyed by this invasion.To make sure we do not keep losing any more of our history MAVARA will preserve all of it here while also celebrating our continent’s creatives. We also recognise people with roots to the continent but have never been afforded a chance to connect with their motherland. This is the platform for you too. You can finally learn all about the different African states and how to speak their languages through tutorials which will be introduced soon. At MAVARA we believe in the power of language, destroying a language, destroys a people.

Our gallery section features carefully curated works from creatives on the continent who seek to tell their stories through their great works. All prices are determined by the owner and orders are available for shipping worldwide. So why don’t you take a deep dive into our beautiful gallery and pick something for your own.